Jupiter, April 5th 2016

Jupiter is almost a month past opposition and getting smaller but still reasonable in angular size (43″). The seeing was rather good that early evening and it shows in the end result. It’s also my first real try with WinJupos where I derotated and combined 5 RGB series of 3x40s each.


Telescope: Celestron C14 f=7040mm
Camera: ZWO ASI120MM
Mount: Mesumount 2
Guiding: none
Date: 19u25m UT, April 5th, 2016
Location: Overijse, Belgium

Edit April 30th: April has been a good month for planet photography with many clear skies and relative good seeing. Here’s a composition of my three best results of the month. I tried to process the images in a similar way to get uniform results.


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