Jupiter and the transits of Io and Ganymede

The seeing was fair on March 16th and so I took the time to capture the transit of moons Io and Ganymede across the surface of Jupiter. At the start of this animation grey Ganymede is already in front of Jupiter’s surface and more difficult to see. On the right Europa is getting eclipsed by our solar system’s giant planet. Later on Io’s shadow is catching up with Ganymede’s. The animation is the result of 15 frames, each 10 minutes apart. Total time equals +/- 2,5 hours. Some frames were captured with poor seeing as you can see.


Telescope: Celestron C14 f=7040mm
Camera: ZWO ASI120MM
Mount: Mesumount 2
Guiding: none
Date: 19u20m –  21u40m UT, March 16th, 2016
Location: Overijse, Belgium

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