• Mesumount 200

This is my main mount and permanently set up in my observatory. Reasons for picking this friction-drive mount is its high tracking accuracy with a very small periodic error (<3 arcsec peak to peak). This is very convenient for photography purposes. Next to that I was able to purchase this mount at the introduction price which makes it an excellent value for money. More info here.


  • Vixen GPD

This is my ‘grab and go’ mount. Not that easy to grab but is has gone to a lot of places.



  • Astrosib 10″ f/8 Ritchey – Chrétien Astrograph

This narrow field telescope is used for deep sky photography purposes only. It delivers a nice flat field over a large area. This model has an exceptionally large image circle of 80mm diameter. Astrosib telescopes are renowned for their excellent optics. More info here.

Astrosib RC 250_2

  • Takahashi FSQ106ED

The Tak is my main imaging refractor. I recently upgraded it with a Robofocus motorized focuser. More info here.


  • Celestron C9.25 f/10 Schmidt Cassegrain

The C9.25 was my main planetary and lunar telescope for quite some years. I upgraded it with a Moonlite focuser. Since I acquired the C14 I don’t use it that often anymore. But I still keep it for when seeing conditions are not that good. More info here.


  • Celestron C14 f/11 Schmidt Cassegrain

The second hand C14 is my main planetary and lunar telescope since 2014. More info here.


  • William Optics Zenith Star 66mm Petzval ED

A nice little refractor which I used to have as a guiding scope. Now I use it occasionally for widefield stargazing.



  • QHY9 (Alccd9)

My deep sky imaging camera, the QHY9 – KAF8300 monochrome CCD, 2-stage peltier cooled and with an automated filter wheel. More info here.


  • Imaging Source DMK21AU(618) and DMK41AU02

These funny blue blocks are my planetary, lunar and solar cameras. The DMK21 used to be the standard AU04 version but I upgraded it with the much more sensitive icx618ala chip. The DMK41 has a larger CCD and is mainly used for making mosaics.



  • Solarmax 60mm Ha filter

My solarmax filter is a pre-Meade model. It is solely used for solar H-alpha viewing. It has a passing bandwidth of 0.7 Ångstrom and thus blocks the sunlight for about 99.99%. It comes with the BF10 blocking filter.


  • Color filters 2″ R, G, B and L from QHY
  • Narrowband filters from Astronomik
    • H-alpha 6nm 2″
    • O3 12nm 2″
    • SII 12nm 2″


  • Televue Panoptic 35mm
  • Televue Nagler 20mm type 2
  • Televue Nagler 12mm type 4
  • Televue Nagler 3-6mm zoom
  • Vixen ‘silvertop’ Plossl 26mm
  • WO spl 12.5mm

Past Friends

  • Mounts
    • Losmandy G11 with Gemini v4
  • Telescopes
    • GSO RC8
    • William Optics FLT110
    • Vixen VMC200
    • Vixen FL102s
    • Celestron C8
    • William Optics Megrez 110ED
    • Meade LX90 LNT 8″
    • Televue Pronto 70mm
    • Meade ETX70
    • Dobson Darkstar 6″
  • Cameras
    • QHY8 (Alccd6)
    • Canon Eos 20D(a)
    • Meade LPI

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