Trip to Rhodos

During the first half of July my family and I had our summer holiday and this year we decided to go to Rhodos. I must admit that the presence of dark skies is part of the selection criteria 🙂  The touristic north side of the island is not suited for astrophotography. However, a 1 hour drive with our rental car took us to the hills inland. The spot I selected, using the light pollution maps, was south of the little village Laerma. During the three nights I spent under the dark skies, there was only 1 visitor, a nosey hedgehog. Here are some results. All pictures were taken with the same setup: a tripod with a Skywatcher Star Adventurer mounted on top, a modified Canon 6D and a Samyang 135mm f2 lens @ f2.4. All the pictures are a stack of 50 to 90 frames of 60s at ISO1600. The north latitude of 36° offers better views on more southern constellations like Scorpius and Sagittarius this time of year. Feel free to count the stars and let me know so I can check the level of precision of the star counting algorithm of my image processing software Pixinsight.


Rho Ophiochi in Scorpius. Saturn at top center is photobombing the scene.


North America nebula & Sadr area in Cygnus


IC1396 area in Cepheus


Lagoon and Triffid nebulae region


Heart and Soul nebulae @ the Double Cluster in Cassiopeia


Aquila area in our Milky Way


Altair area in our Milky Way


My son Tom joined me for one night and managed to stand still during this 60s 1 frame exposure. A Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens was used for this picture.

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