Total Lunar Eclipse of September 28th, 2015

The next total lunar eclipse that can be witnessed from start to finish from this region will occur in February 2036, so there were no excuses not to go out and have a good look at this beautiful spectacle this time. As my view to the west from where I live is obstructed by some trees, I packed some gear and went out to some nearby fields with a clear horizon.

I used my Canon 6D and an old Pentacon 500mm f5.6 of DDR make.

The first frame shows the complete event, from 02:10am till 07:20am, with a picture taken every 10mins. At the end of the eclipse the moon was already close to the horizon. That’s why it has this yellowish tan.

Lunar Eclipse_28092015_3

Lunar Eclipse_28092015_2

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