Jupiter and the Moon

In the second week of March we still had clear skies in our region. But since the moon was in its first quarter and going towards full moon, the moon was shining too bright for me to be able to do some deepsky photography. That’s why I switched the telescopes on my mount, taking off the Astrosib and putting on the C14 to get ready for planetary and lunar observations. Jupiter is now past opposition, rapidly moving away from earth and getting smaller by the minute. The results below will probably be my last captures of Jupiter for now but this beautiful giant planet will be back end of the year.  Not all pictures have the same look or level of detail: this is mainly linked to the seeing conditions of the moment.
Now it’s time for Mars to get into the picture!


Jupiter, March 14th @ 18h50m


Jupiter, March 12th @ 19h20m


Jupiter with moons Io and Callisto, March 11th @ 19h00m


Jupiter with moon Ganymede (and shadow), March 11th @ 18h40m

Next to imaging Jupiter I also looked at our Moon. Please click on the images to see the high resolution version.


South pole region


Plato and Vallis Alpes


Rupes Recta

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