Astroweek Getaway with Friends – Spring 2022

Astrophotography is not only about making pictures with high end equipment but more importantly, spending a good time with friends and enjoying the dark skies. Here’s an overview of the results from our trip to the south of France during the last week of April.

Days with clear nights: 4 out of 7

Days with good company, good food and Pastis aperitif: 7 out of 7

Rho Ophiuchi Region
LDN 673
Markarian’s Chain
The Leo Triplet
The Coathanger
M8 and M20
NGC 6992 in NB Bicolor
Polaris and IFN


1) ASI2600MM + APM LZOS 780/130 & 0.8x reducer + Ioptron CEM70
2) Canon 6Da + SW RedCat51 + Ioptron CEM40
3) Canon 6Da + SW Star Adventurer + Samyang 135mm f2

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