NGC 2903 – A Spiral Galaxy in Leo

Like our Milky Way, NGC 2903 is a spiral galaxy intersected by a central bar. NGC 2903 appears to be slightly more than half the size of the Milky Way and lies between 20 and 25 million light-years away. It is one of the more conspicuous northern objects that Charles Messier missed when compiling his catalogue of nebulous objects, so leaving its discovery to William Herschel on November 16, 1784.

NGC 2903

Telescope: 16″ f3.75 Dream Scope
Camera: FLI ML16803
Mount: ASA DDM85
Exposure: 6 hours (36x300s L + 3x12x300s RGB)
Date: February 2019
Location: Southern Alps, France


Wider field of view, including NGC 2916 on the left


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