Sun on May 1st 2013 – 9 MegaPixel Mosaic

May 1st started with a sunny morning with average seeing. The sun was rather active. A lot of active regions could be seen: AR1730, 1731, 1732 and 1734 being the most important ones. I took the time to make a 12 frame mosaic. After some laborious stitching of the different frames the result is quite pleasing, ending up with a 3000×3000 picture of our beautiful Sun in the hydrogen alpha wavelength. I also took some pictures in white light with a Baader foil filter fitted on my C9.25 at f=2350mm. Below you can see details of the active regions AR1731, AR1730 and AR1734 respectively. AR1734 was shot at f=5900mm.



Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106ED @ f= 1325mm and Solarmax 60 filter
Camera: DMK41
Mount: Mesumount 2
Guiding: none
Exposure: 12 x 300/1000 frames @ 1/1250s (1/312s)
Date: May 1st, 2013, 09h00 UT
Location: Overijse, Belgium




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